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Equipment Fabrication

CTCI Machinery Corporation (CTCI MAC) has accumulated more than 30 years of experiences in equipment fabrication with reputable records. We can provide equipments such as different types of towers, storage tanks, heat exchangers, reactors, surface condenser for power plant, nuclear power plant equipments & components, special metals welding, cold boxes, piping and steel structure and we are able to provide high-quality equipment to meet all of our client’s demand.

Fabrication Business Operations

Fabrication Business Operations
  • Towers and Drums
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Air Coolers
  • Reactor
  • Surface Condensers
  • Cryogenic Storage Tanks
  • Heaters and Furnaces
  • Cold Boxes
  • HRSG for Power Plant
  • Facilities for Nuclear Power Plant
  • Nuclear Spent Fuel Transportable Storage Canister
  • Piping Prefabrication and Installation
  • Huge Storage Tank

In June 2011, CTCI MAC expands our operations, and set up equipment fabrication department as the “Fabrication Business Operations ". In addition to the original TA-SHE Shop Area, CTCI MAC also increases one shop area in TA-FA to provide the extra large equipment fabrication, assembly and transportation.

Fabrication Business Operation not only supply equipments for EPC business to obtain the domestic EPC project, but also support equipment to the EPC work of our parent company CTCI Group. Also, CTCI MAC have expanding our equipment supply such as power plants and petrochemical plants in both domestic and abroad, and also orders for pipeline manufacturing. CTCI MAC has cooperated internationally with renowned manufacturers such as Japan CHIYOTA, JGC, MHI etc and has good performance of quality deeply affirmed by the owners. The German SIEMENS, Japanese IHI and other international corporations also had invited CTCI MAC to cooperate in their equipment fabrication project.

Our solid manufacturing capability also focus on the power industries such as new green energy and nuclear energy, keep continuing to work with INER for the fabrication of dry storage of spent fuel system and other nuclear rear-end work. Recently we cooperate with the G.D. Development Corporation (affiliated company of CTCI Group) to implement solar power system construction work for Kaohsiung MRT North and South maintenance plant. Also, we are authorized by ITRI for the technical licensing of Solid pulverized coal gasification and hydrogen fuel cell reformers. CTCI MAC is actively in developing other products and technology in potential markets.

Storage tank Construction of CPC
Storage tank Construction of CPC
Tanks Fabrication for No.6 Cracking plant of CPC
Tanks Fabrication for No.6 Cracking plant of CPC

Reactor Pressure Vessel Assembly for No.4 Nuclear Power Plant of Taiwan Power Company
Reactor Pressure Vessel Assembly for No.4 Nuclear Power Plant of Taiwan Power Company
Surface Condensers Fabrication
Surface Condensers Fabrication

Professional fabrication ability and experience
Max. Shell Th’k Up to 200 mm (HP Feed Water Heater)
Max. Tubesheet Th’k Up to 550 mm (HP Feed Water Heater)
Max. Diameter Up to 4.8 m/H.E. (Shop)
Up to 13.4 m/Regenerator (Field, for FPCC RCC Plants)
Max. Weight Up to 190 MT/Boiler Module (Shop, for TPC Hsin-Ta Plant)
Up to 130 MT/H.E (Shop, for TPC LIN-KOU Power Plant)
Up to 1401 MT/Tow (Field)
Max. Width Up to 6.3 m/Boiler Module(Shop)
Max. Length Up to 49 m (Shop)
Up to 107 m (Field)
Max. Design Pressure 562 Kg/cm2G (HP Feed Water Heater)
Max. Quantity of H.E Tubes 10,500 PCS

The above data for our fabrication experience, does not mean that the upper limit of our fabrication ability

Special metal product.
Special metal product.