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Plant Maintenance Service

Maintenance Project Department

More and more plant operation safety concern among domestic petrochemical companies has created a great deal of demand for plant maintenance service. Therefore, CTCI Machinery Corporation (CTCI MAC) has set up “Maintenance Business Operation” to actively participate in the items such as plant turnaround inspection, repair, and maintenance, and de-bottle neck of the existing running plants with professional service for the refinery plants.


In early 2012, we have commenced a general turnaround inspection and periodic inspection for the two plants of Formosa Petrochemical group, FPCC RCC # 2 plant and FCFC ARO-1/2 plant. During the project, CTCI MAC contribute our know-how and experiences to assure operation safe and with high quality. All those achievement have won our client’s respect during and after the maintenance work period.

CTCI MAC has won the bid and completed for CPC Lin-Yuan No.3 refinery & No.4 turnaround inspection project in 2017 & 2018. This, again show we not only has been approved by the clients in the maintenance business, but also for our price competitiveness. CTCI MAC continues to promote the plant maintenance package to other owners for the concept of plant maintenance service package and has got a lot of feedback. This shows the deep determination of CTCI Machinery Corporation in the field of plant maintenance service.


■ FPCC RCC#1 Reactor / Regenerator Revamping Project

台塑石化RCC#2 再生器反應器專案修復

■ FPCC RCC#2 Regenerator Repair Project

Our Expertise

  • Petrochemical Plant Turnaround Inspection and Maintenance
  • Long-Term Plant Maintenance Implementation
  • Plant Revamping and Debottlenecking
  • Underground pipeline IP Inspection

Market Coverage

  • Equipment de-bottlenecking
  • Turning installation and centering
  • Heat exchanger tube bundle cleaning and updating
  • Pipeline replacement
  • Equipment overhaul NDE inspection
  • Corrosion and fire prevention
  • Catalyst replacement

Featured Projects

FPCC Mai-Liao RCC#1&2 Reactor/Regenerator Cyclone Revamping Package Project

In 2001, FPCC upgrading the replacement of internal cyclone work of Reactor and Regeneration. CTCI MAC completed the project with a special construction method “upper end plate and the cyclone together replacement”.

FCFC Mai-Liao general inspection and periodic inspection Project

In 2012, First time, CTCI MAC gets the contract for general inspection and periodic inspection of the ARO-2 plant of FCFC. The most challenging work was piping; the replacement of 50,000 DB was completed in 30 days of shutdown period.

CPC Lin-Yuan New No.3 Naphtha Cracking Section Turnaround Project

In 2016, CTCI MAC once again won the Turnaround turnkey contract “CPC Lin-Yuan New No.3 Naphtha Cracking Section Turnaround Project”, and completed the work and delivery to the client in two days advance.

CPC Lin-Yuan No.4 Naphtha Cracking Section Turnaround Project

In 2017, CTCI MAC once again won the CPC Lin-Yuan No.4 Naphtha Cracking Section Turnaround Turnkey Project, The workload exceeds the estimated because the plant been using for many years, and CTCI MAC still completed the work as scheduled.

Taipower Dalin Plant Boiler Inspection and Maintenance

During 2016-2017, CTCI MAC won the IHI Taipower Dalin Plant Inspection and Maintenance of No. 1 & 2 Boiler Project.

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