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Engineering Technology

In June 2011, CTCI Machinery Corporation (CTCI MAC) has integrated with CTCI Kaohsiung Operating center (K.O.C) which including Process Engineering department, Civil & Structure Engineering department, Mechanical & Equipment Engineering department, Instrumentation & Control system Engineering department, Piping Engineering department, Electrical Engineering department and project engineering team. With this strong engineering force, total around 175 engineers having an average of 15 years specialized experience, give CTCI MAC diverse and rich experiences to participate in all types of engineering projects and provides owners a high quality and comprehensive design services.

Department Man Power
Process Engineering 11
Piping Engineering 41
Civil & Structure Engineering 43
Instrumentation & Control system Engineering 21
Electrical Engineering 32
Mechanical & Equipment Engineering 27
Total 175

Work Experience

CPC ALK Project 3D Model Review
CPC ALK Project 3D Model Review
3D Engeneering
3D Engeneering