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CTCI Machinery Corporation

CTCI Machinery Corporation

CTCI Machinery Corporation (CTCI MAC) was established in April 2007and is a member of CTCI group. CTCI MAC is the subsidiaries which 100% owned by CTCI Corporation. The forerunner of CTCI MAC was originally the Kaohsiung Fabrication Shop of CTCI Corporation which established in 1979.


CTCI MAC has cumulated experiences and innovative technologies in equipment fabrication more than 30 years. We provide service to Taiwan large and medium size enterprises such as CPC Corporation, Formosa Plastics, Taiwan power company, China Steel etc, and are capable of manufacturing wide varieties of stationary equipment including extra large and heavy tower, cylindrical drum/spherical storage tank, heat exchanger / HELIXCHANGER heat exchanger, HRSG boiler, surface condenser, silo also large LNG storage tanks, and Pipe fittings and steel structure.

Furthermore, regarding quality management system, CTCI MAC are certified by American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) to use N、NPT、NA、NS、U、U2、S、PP stamps on the boiler or pressure vessel we fabricated. CTCI MAC Pressure Vessel Inspectors can use “R” stamp for the repair of the ASME Code stamped pressure vessels.

In April 2007, the Kaohsiung Fabrication Shop of CTCI was renamed as CTCI Machinery Corporation (CTCI MAC) after spin-off from CTCI Corporation. CTCI MAC not only can meet the high quality standard while supplying various equipments to CTCI plants EPC work, we also actively collaborate with International large famous companies enhance our fabrication ability to supply more advanced and large-scale equipment. Later in June.2011, CTCI MAC followed the collective business development strategy enacted by CTCI and merged with the engineering team of CTCI-Kaohsiung Operation Center (KOC). This reshape of CTCI MAC has provided a proficiently in refinery & petrochemical project for joined business operation and combines the experience and technology of Engineering, Project Management and Equipment Fabrication and became an EPC company able to provide the consistent service of so call “Total Solution” to our clients. In 2011, we jointed the domestic EPC medium-sized market by completion of CPC No.10 HDS project in Ta-Lin Plant ; In 2016, we successfully completed the EPC Project for FPCC SAR#2 (330 tons/day) and had won the highly praise from owner for having fully met the requirement of high engineering quality, schedule control and secured safety.

In recent years, professional maintenance of plant turnaround manages service for large and medium-sized factory has been in market demand. Thus, CTCI MAC is actively engaged in the establishment of maintenance business, dedicated to provide long-term maintenance services, and to assist the owners to debottleneck for performance improvement. As we have been awarded the Maintenance work for FPCC such as : Mai-Liao ARO-2 plant for general inspection, and FPCC ARO-1、ARO-2 plants general inspection work within 2 years by the contract. With all these solid, successful projects as our reference, in 2017, CTCI MAC again successful win the contract of the repair work for the maintenance service of CPC Lin-Yuan refinery. As CTCI MAC continues promoting the concept of plant turnaround management, we have received more and more positive response from our client. These achievements show our determination in expending our role in the maintenance business in the future.

Today, CTCI MAC has more than 450 professional technicians and engineers and is capable of providing consistent full-service, from construction planning, engineering design, procurement, equipment fabrication, Test & Commissioning to maintenance work.

CTCIM will keep providing superb quality service and best cost saving to satisfy customers’ demand.

Established in:1976
Annual Sales:NT$ 2,000,000,000
Capital:NT$ 500,000,000
Business Type:EPC, Equipment Fabrication, Shop Maintenance
Main Products:Pressure Vessels, Towers, Drums, Heat Exchangers, Reactors, Heaters, Cold Box, Power Boiler, Water Cooled /Gas Cooled Condenser.
No. of Employee:450
Certificates:ISO 14001, ISO 9001, U/U2/S/PP/N&NPT/NA/NS (by ASME), National Board “R”, Pressure vessel A2 (by PRC)