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Awards record

CTCI Machinery Corporation (CTCI MAC) is a member of CTCI Group. We not only have inherited the entire engineering philosophy from CTCI Engineering Corporation, but also will be strongly supported by the whole CTCI Group. Thus, CTCI MAC has shown excellent business performance, well financial condition and outstanding engineering performance ability and great achievements. Over the years, CTCI MAC has undertaken a number of significant engineering projects including engineering planning and design, supervision and construction. This also proof that our company is well prepared and ready to carried out any large-scale EPC projects. We have many experienced and skilled professionals in all disciplines and near a decade that we have won the praises from the owners with receiving their thanks awards or bonus.


For years CTCI MAC insist upholds the principle of technology-upgrade and quality is the first priority, to participate in major engineering projects both domestic and overseas and the service quality is definitely affirmed  by all our clients. CTCI MAC obtained the international certification of DNV ISO 9001: 2008 quality certification in 1996. Under the requirement of this certification, CTCI MAC follows the belief on "quality first" by presenting our vision, principals, mission, and the best policy of assurance and commitment:


  • VisionThe Best Engineering Service Partner for Our Customers.
  • PrinciplesProfessionalism, Integrity, Teamwork, Innovation
  • MissionPursuing Excellence in our core technology to be a total solution provider of engineering service
  • Our PolicyCost Down & Value Up


CTCI Machinery Corporation over the years follows the spirit of CTCI group to pursuit the requests on excellent quality and compliance of contract and regulation to participate actively in major domestic public construction. We not only meet the requirement for quality and delivery, but also provide diversified services to create the win-win situation for our clients. So our efforts are well affirmed and praised by all the owners with the award, thanks letter and thanks warrant illustrated below: